Exclusive to DODOPARTS member:
After free registration to DODOPARTS members, you can enjoy the following benefits:
To see all parts’ installation map.
To see all parts’ prices and enable online purchasing.
To get new products and new information from DODOPARTS regularly.
Registered as the top 100 members, if your annual total orders’ amount of first year is over US$ 20,000.00,you can enjoy discount of 2%,year-end return.
The order placed on the registered date each year can enjoy discount of 2%.
Web page clicks, online time and order amount all can turn to be purchased points, some points can be converted to a gift, enjoy a range of concessions and discounts, see the specific rules of integration.
Integral rule
Integral rule
Sales Order US$100.00 exchanges 1 point. Points accumulated corresponding to the EMAIL address of a
company with a personal or EMAIL address corresponding to the number of different companies belong to a
group as a whole.

    Silver Membership ----- Member of 500 points to 3,000 points.

    Gold Membership ----- Member of 3,000 points to 5,000 points.

    Diamond Membership ----- Membership points above 5,000 points.

Web page clicks, online time
Your reasonable suggestions to DODOPARTS if can be adopted,you can get 100 to 500 points.
Integral data will be updated each month.

Gift Exchange
All Silver-level members can enjoy these gifts exchange service. Please click below page to check the your integral account and gift range.
The quantity of each gift is definite,page shows the number of remaining available for the gift.
The gifts will be delivered with customer orders, can be delivered separately.
Redeem valid for three years and the points can be generated within three years the day of use.
The gifts ranges will be updated each month.

Price Discounts
    Silver Membership ----- Enjoy the sales price at 2% discount.

    Gold Membership ----- Enjoy the sales price at 5% discount.

    Diamond Membership ----- Enjoy the sales price at 10% discount.

Member aging
To be a silver, gold, diamond member of DODOPARTS,annual order amount each year should more that definite amounts from the next year : silver US$ 30,000.00, gold US$100,000.00, diamonds US$200 000.00,or membership will be automatically relegated the following year. For example, the silver to the general membership, gold to silver, diamonds to silver. Year demotion.

If the year the annual order amount can reach the definite amounts during the relegated year ,the membership will be automatic upgrade. Such as the general membership to silver, silver to gold, gold to diamonds.

Modification and termination:
Permitted by law, DODOPARTS has the right to interpret , cancel and amend the ntegration plan,including the integral calculation, feedback projects and exchange standards.It will be valid once it is published on the DODOPARTS related media, such as DODOPARTS website.